Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some Books I Love and want to share with you!

I have become an avid reader of things I love lately. It started in 2010-2011 (end of 2010 ish) with The Twilight Saga. And now I just read and read. So....I will update this blog as I find new books and or series I love....But I am going to list some here-along with reviews. So many more to add and real reviews to put in in the future!

This series changed my life! Blessed with amazing new friends, friends that are like family, fun and excitment, and so much more! God bless Stephenie Meyer for all she gave us here!

Amazing what one can overcome!

CRAZY-but life changing!

So sad, be prepared to be heartbroken and angry!

I love Lauren! hahaha-GREAT fun reads!

On my to try to read again list!!!

LOVE LOVE this series. It has so many co-relations for life and things going on now.

This book is real. Heartbreaking, but real.

Ahhhh! Who knew I would read this-NOT I. BUT...I LOVE IT! And...its WAY better than the movie could ever think to be!!!

Recommended for: Anyone, this is an amazing novella
Read on August 30, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 2-still reading!

Ianni is released and you can't miss this novella! And if you have not already pick up The Many Lives of Avery Snow-I personally think its a great start and lead into Ianni, follow the story, BUT I also LOVE that you could read Ianni alone. Great job to the author, Christy Sloat.

The Many Lives of Avery Snow had me rethinking all I thought in life, thinking about family and friends and the connections in life. Oddly, I have never had a book do that. I've re-read the book several times, and have been anxiously awaiting new material in the Past Lives series. has arrived!

Ianni released on August 30 with a boom! My heart cried for Ianni, and also for Lillith surprisingly, but those tears turned to smiles, and I really felt like you just watch someone evolve in life, the book comes to life-it's awesome. Although it is just a Novella (short story), I felt like connections were made, a new story was formed completely, and I fell in love with it.
It takes a lot for a good author to draw me into a book, and I feel like Christy did it with the Past Lives Series. Ianni is someone I can connect with, feel for, and grieve through. My heart broke at the falling -and I wanted to punch some people- and yes I cried, along with others who have read the book-come on, don't deny it! I previously felt like there was something in Avery that I related to myself, and Landon (although, lets be clear-I am still and will remain Team Dallas-because I just love that man)like my own husband, destined with how we meet and how things have gone. Christy has taken reading to a new level for me, I have connected with the characters, related to them, and fell in love with their stories and truly love what is happening (the last time that happened was Twilight-although I've read a few since-it hasn't happened until THIS book, not even in TMLOAS). Reading Ianni, A Past Lives Novella, is an amazing experience, you will want more!
Challenge yourself and ask, do you believe in past lives, spirit guides, angels, dark guides, heaven and hell, destiny, passion, and heartache...Truly, The Many Lives of Avery Snow is phenomenal, and it left no doubt, shock, or surprise that Ianni, A Past Lives Novella would be, and IS, exceptional! Put this on your must read list and be surprised, overwhelmed, and though-provokingly caught in the midst of a realm of past lives and reality. Joyous reading!Ianni is a fulfilling short read that I personally loved! My only see it as a movie! How awesome this series would play out!

*Signed with a 5 star recommend... mushy sap reader mommy* :-)

Recommended for: Men women, young and old! YA readers and mommies/daddies will be intrigued!
Read from April 18 to 21, 2012, read count: 2-still reading!

This book is AMAZING! It gave me an insight to something I hadn't ever considered, even though it is not written on real life experiences (or is wouldn't ever know!)..... it gave me hope, thoughts, inspiration, and made me wonder. I loved Avery and all that intrigued her. I am a Dallas luv, not so much Landon...yep yep, I know! But the book left me wanting more, I can't wait for the second book and I will be following Christy Sloat to see what else her amazing mind creates! This is a must by for more than one reading genre, it will intrigue you!

After re-reading this, I still am spellbound from the book, absolutely spellbound. I know the short Novella "Ianni" is coming out, and she is working on TMLOAS book 2, and I can't wait. It really has been a book that left me questioning my thoughts about life. Phenomenal.

So many GREAT books are coming from Anchor Group! 
Check them out!!!!

Not out yet-but I can't wait! Follow-up Novella to The BRown House.

Recommended for: Those who love mystery, ghost tales, and suspense.
Read from June 03 to 07, 2011, read count: Working on 2nd

Christy has captured this scenario. The characters come to life, the chills feel real, the house is something I long to visit and discover, the loss-the heartache-the pain, and most importantly...the connection... This book leaves me waiting and wanting more. You must feel how Brylee feels and capture her innocence and discover. How it must feel to be yanked from all you ever knew and dropped into something so mysterious and....frightful.This is not your over-written love story or vampire tail gone array! It is very much something new...something mysterious-frightful-chilling and I highly recommend it as a MUST READ!!!!!

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