Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home-School...Day 1 Let the challenge begin!

Goodnight! Here comes school! 


 Welcome to day 1 of Home-school!!!! The boys had a good time. Keagan tried to be a little turkey like and throw a tantrum, I quickly let him know I wasn't having that and he had to be ready to work! And that he was!
Little trooper did AMAZING! At the end of the day everything was accomplished, all 3 boys were tired for the day, and they were successful. Home-schooling is NOT an easy adventure. I have to turn from mom into teacher and teacher to mom at the same time. They have to know I mean business and its not playtime or game-time. They know this now and things seem to be going smoother this year. I was greatly surprised at all the amazing fun the boys had with different things. Keagan, when done for the day, sat and worked some more on numbers and things he was doing-just because! They had lunch and then recess, but they came in from recess asking to get back to work on home-school. James is understanding that his work is a lot harder this year, there is more of it to comprehend, and he has to work harder. Keagan on the other hand-told James he needs to be quieter so he can concentrate! haha. It is not always like this, and I won't lie here-because all who home-school need to know the reality, it is hard. BUT....our first day was a great success.

We started with the balloons they got to pop. This is how they got their journal assignment. Today Keagan has to do his numbers 3 times each, Brenton had to write many different things he could think of about trees, and James has to write about the environment with trees, bushes, and had to name 10 outside tree-plant related food sources! They enjoyed this. Then they went on to coloring. From coloring they did their own different variances of work so I could schedule around to work with each one when they most needed me. Brenton found out quickly mom was NOT playing his "I don't know" game. He was told bluntly knock it off. He is a super smart little man, however, I have to push him to keep him doing. That is a benefit in home-school because when he was in a charter school they couldn't do that direct one on one with him to keep his mind focused and working. James enjoyed his science, dreaded his math and writing, but enjoyed falling asleep at the table with his social studies! hahaha. Keagan has a cool bug activity in which he had to go outside with his dad and find 4 bugs. They had fun!
 We also had a health lesson on fruits and vegetables and some of the benefits of eating certain foods, and the amount of those foods as our health/gym today because of the rain. They say it is going to storm tomorrow so we may be doing health instead of gym tomorrow as well, only time will tell. The kids are sound asleep now and are greatly looking forward to tomorrow-so I will blog more then! Cheers to our home-school event, day 2!

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