Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How a week can change it all!

On a heavy note....

You never really know someone so they say, and I had to find that out the hard way this week as my family came under attack. There is no need to go into the vulgar and rude details, the simplest thing is to say, lesson learned. You really honestly never do know anyone but the people closest to your heart, and you should be utterly careful who you let near there! I feel very blessed to have a husband who loves me, supports me, shares with me, gives me encouragement, gives his children love and undivided attention, and is always there for us...I am also blessed with a brother who loves my children as their Uncle, gives them fun ideas and plays with them endlessly, and of course blessed deeply with some of the greatest boys! They are great! Life is about living...I have learned to let the haters pass on, forget the woes of the world, and live in this moment for my family.
This was how my week started....and it dragged out an entire week and half.....


but here I am on a Tuesday night....
thinking this is how my life must go on!      

 I have come to the conclusion that good friends are hard to come by, true friends are hard to keep, and that some family (although we're very grateful for a select two near to us) are only as loyal as they want to seem when your doing what they want and when they want it, not doing for yourself or for your family.

 Beware who you allow your kids around and what they do, because a true representation of the child can be seen through the eyes of the parents, and if you don't want that in your child, maybe you don't want that parent/relative/sibling/associate in YOUR life. As is the case with a few select in both our families.

I am blessed with some amazing friends, as is my husband, and our children. We are grateful for them daily and we appreciate their real kindness, genuine love, generosity, listening, caring, and thoughtfulness. Thanks goes to Heavenly Father for that, because some of them we would have never meet without his help. 
Apologies can come and go, words can be slung like mud, and families can be destroyed over one day. When you mix drugs, alcohol, and ignorance certainly you are going to have a foul combination and it has and will forever remain a factor in ruining lives of those we loved. I will never look at people the same, I will never let some back into my life-or the lives of my children in a direct association way (not that they ever came to a birthday, event, happening, or just stopped by to see the kids-called, sent a birthday card-or anything else!)......I have made a decision that I need to move forward. I can not let the ignorance get to my head, get into my soul, and ruin who I am, because I am better than that. I will hold my head high, know what I DID NOT say, know what I did do, and remember, life is not about living for others, it is about living to give OUR children a future, our children an education, and our children inspiration to be amazing little men. And that is all I have to say on that! Yes, a week has changed my life, my husband's, and our children's forever- but will have already moved on and will keep our family living for the better and giving them the tools to be successful in life! 


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