Friday, September 7, 2012

Pen-pals, and the importance...

Recently I was asked by someone if a pen-pal really matters more than some other things...and my reply is simple, YES THEY DO! A pen-pal is something so special in the eyes of a child. Yes, our boys are home-schooled, but even if they were not, I would seek pen-pals. Our son's get mail and get overly excited when it happens! They love reading about other kids, and they hope other kids enjoy reading about them. One little boy asked our son recently if they could meet in West Virgina someday-it was the CUTEST thing ever!
Today Keagan got a letter in the mail, with stickers. The smile on his face is incredible. He was so overjoyed and happy with the mail. He was leaping and it was visible. Some people may not understand fully why a child should have a pen-pal, the importance in a pen-pal, or the awesome that comes from meeting them...but we think our children are blessed with some amazing pen-pals, and our kids are working hard on letters back today! Here is a pic of Keagan with his letter and a few other pen-pal pics. !

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